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SELL TECHNOLOGY Patents, Intellectual Property to Patent Buyer - Eureka!

Sell Technology Patents

Sell technology patents to industry. Patent brokers, or software development company. There is no fee to Seller. All fees deducted from the sale of patents. Inventors wanted!

Calling all technology patent owners, this is the once in a lifetime opportunity you have been waiting for to sell a patent. We have Buyers seeking to buy up technology patents. Do not delay further unless the patent is worthless!

Just got a patent? Attorney firm with a patent for sale? Patent been collecting dust? Sell it today. Complete your order information, include phone number and indicate best day/time to call for first point of contact. Please include e-mail contact for secondary point of contact only. Both contacts are necessary. Don't own a technology patent, but know a friend, co-worker, family member, or someone who could use a big break? Have them visit this patent marketplace,, using the following url: (copy and paste into an internet page address bar or browser window):

Sell a technology patent:

Patent for Sale/ License Wanted by UK IP Firm:

The following patents are wanted to buy or license. Sell or license a patent:

ICT, more specifically wireless, networking, data storage, computer software/ hardware, semiconductors and consumer electronics. Also interested in foreign patents with a U.S. filing.

Submit a technology patent/ intellectual property free, submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Patent For Sale / Patent Acquisition Wanted

Sell a patent. The following patents are wanted for sale asap:


Packet switched networks, Ethernet, routers, switches, transmission, fiber, web browsers, servers, search engines, web site methods, web site software, credit card transactions, B2B, B2C, online transactions, online marketing, affiliate programs, online checks, online banking, etc. Anything related to hardware, software, or business methods related to online anything.


Mobile internet, location based services, WiFi hot spots, roaming, GPS based mobile internet services, etc.


Cellular, cable modems, DSL modems, Fiber optics, switches, routers, VoIP, audio compression, image compression, MPEG, JPEG, wavelet based compression, multimedia, packet based multimedia conferencing systems, push-to-talk, etc.


Transaction security, authentication, passwords, public/private keys, cryptography, biosensor based transaction security, smart cards, finger print sensors, secure sockets layer, virtual private networks, digital signatures, digital credit, digital debit, authentication.


PCs, iPods, digital audio, digital video, FireWire, 802.11, WiFi, USB port, wireless peripherals, Bluetooth, graphics, processors, memory, bus architectures, north bridge/southbridge architectures, PCI.

Submit a technology patent/ intellectual property free, submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Patent For Sale / Acquisition Needed by Innovative Software Products Company

The following technology patents are wanted for sale / acquisition. Sell a patent:

Digital media- digital music, video, etc.:

Encoding technologies, digital rights management (DRM), identification and fingerprinting technology, recommendation methods and systems, tagging and metadata technologies, archiving and synchronization methods and systems, delivery and fulfillment technologies (chunking, swarming, segmenting), previewing methods and systems, user interface and navigation, over the air (OTA) technologies, time shifting methods and systems, cataloging technologies, Ecommerce, technologies for transferring media to portable and home entertainment devices, broadcasting methods, and location based technologies.

Submit a technology patent/ intellectual property free, submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Have a pending patent application or an invention researched as patentable? For those who have a patentable invention that is patent pending (do not yet have the patent). Place an ad here: Sell Patent Pending

Seeking to buy a patent? Complete the request and get a patent for sale wanted ad. Additionally, patents for sale originally sought by defunct Buyers are listed below. Contact Inventor here!

Free to Buyers, Seller only pays 20% when patent sells. Most Inventors are very seriously seeking Buyers for their patents, and will include their e-mail, and address as well.

Patents for sale to Serious Buyers:

Highlighted patents for sale are newly listed, and remain highlighted for a month.

  • BIOTECHNOLOGY - Device for immobilising the head and neck of a person. SA 2006/08732. Patented New Zealand. Juan Bernard Kruger, Project Administrator. +2782-610-9495

  • BIOTECHNOLOGY - An apparatus for irradiating cells with ultraviolet light. Patented U.S. Stinson

  • COMPUTERS - Digital Media. Patented U.S. Rizdi.

  • COMPUTERS - Ergonomical finger mouse with many applications including mobile. Patented Turkey. Ogun

  • COMPUTERS - Computing. Keyboard drawer for computers. Patented U.S. Howard-Rauls

  • COMPUTERS - Other Computer Technology- Gaming, Office, Home keyboard. Patented U.S. Howard-Rauls

  • COMPUTERS - Digital Video. The means of formation for a color video display- for projection systems with one cathode-ray tube. Patented Italy. Danghyan

  • ELECTRONICS - ICT - Consumer Electronics. Patented U.S. 7066020. Collins. $2,000,000

  • ELECTRONICS - ICT - Consumer Electronics. Patented UK. Frederick Bott, Engineer

  • HEALTHCARE - Health nutraceuticals cosmeceuticals OTC. Patented Canada. Barclay

  • NEW!
  • ICT - Wireless (description not provided). Patented New Zealand 582425. Ezekiel, (Dr.) $30,000,000.

  • ICT - Wireless - Pager Belt Buckle Device. Patented U.S. Thomas.

  • INTERNET - Coal Slurry Recovery, Waste To Energy. Patented U.S. 6,544,425 B2. Olen Miller, President. 330-340-0080,

  • INTERNET - Electron eyewear that changes level of darkness instantaneously. Patented U.S. Crystalens Ltd.

  • SECURITY - Transaction Security. Patented China. Pan, Manager

  • SECURITY - Cryptography. Patented India. Shaik

  • SECURITY - Security Coding System. Patented S. Africa. Bezuidenhout

  • SECURITY - Telephone Connected Home Emergency System. Patented U.S. Operations Officer

  • SECURITY - Cryptography. Patented Saudi Arabia. Shaik.

  • SOFTWARE - Patented U.S. Wu.

  • SOFTWARE - Over the air (OTA) technologies. Patented Ireland. Storey

  • TECHNOLOGY - Digital Lighting System. Patented U.S. Thomas Barmore.

  • TECHNOLOGY - cell phone. Uses cellphone as a component in a communication module. Provisional patent only. Patented South Africa. Hendricks

  • TECHNOLOGY - 4G technology. Two patents for sale. Patented U.S. Amaro

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Peripheral Secure equipment rack door assembly. Patented U.S. Tarasewicz

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Web Portal. Patented Italy. Vieri.

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Antenna. Patented U.S. Smith

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS- fiber optics. Patented U.S. Arc Angel Innovations, Inc.

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - "The Pillow that Rings". Patented U.S. Matthews

  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Other telecommunications. Alternative to sms send by web in voice to any phone in the world. Patented, U.S. and EP. Vieri

  • OTHER Technology - Rapid Pipe Wrench. Patented China. Xudong
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Complete the form and click "Submit", and a buyer will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. Inventor and patent holder contact information includes phone number and type of technology offered for sale.

Join the Ediscovery, patent, and Inventor revolution!

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BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENTS, Telecommunications Patent for Sale- Over The Air Software

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Technology patents for sale- buy Computer Keyboard patent.

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Technology patents for sale- buy: Arc Angel Innovations, Inc. patent.

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Technology patents for sale- buy Rapid Pipe Wrench patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENT, Pager Belt Buckle Patent for Sale

Buy technology patents for sale: Pager Belt Buckle patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENT, Patent for Sale- Home Emergency Security Patent

Buy technology patent for sale: Home emergency security patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENT, Patent for Sale- Computer Keyboard Drawer Patent

Technology patents for sale- buy Keyboard Drawer for Computers patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENTS, Telecommunications Patent for Sale- Consumer Electronics

Technology patents for sale- buy consumer electronics patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENT, Patent for Sale- "The Pillow that Rings"

Buy technology patent for sale: The Pillow That Rings patent.

PATENTS FOR SALE, Technology Patents for Sale- Darkness Changing Electron Patents

Patent for sale: Electron Darkness Changer patent.

BUY TECHNOLOGY PATENTS, Patent for Sale- Security Coding System Patent

Technology patents for sale- buy Security Coding System patent.

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