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BUY PATENTS FOR SALE, 10-N-1 Kwick Marker (Quick) Construction Tool, Patent for Sale

Patent for sale.

Quick Construction Tool Patent for sale

Construction tool and home improvement patent for sale. A contractor's sill plate marker. Contractors that used the 10-N-1 Kwick Marker tool have proven that this tool cuts sill plate foundation board marking time by 75%! That beats any advantages previously held by the Speed Marker, and translates into huge savings: in time, effort, and cost.

Homeowners, contractors, and handymen have found that the 10-N-1 Kwick Marker tool pays for itself in one job alone.

The following are examples of minimum manufacturer profit on making each Kwick Marker construction tool unit. Actual profit potential is much higher:

Example 1:
Say a company was to sell 100,000 tools a year at a $5.00 dollar profit (net) = $500,000 a year x 17 years. Patent Rights = $8,500,000 Million Dollars.

Example 2:
Say a company was to sell 250,000 tools a year at a $5.00 dollar profit (net) = $1,250,000 a year x 17 years . Patent Rights = $21,250,000 Million Dollars.

You get the point? This is a very lucrative newer product for a hardware and construction company or conglomerate. Economies of scale result. a great investment.

10-N-1 Kwick Marker Construction Tool Patent for SaleVideo of Kwick Marker construction tool in action

Request free video shipped directly to your company.

Home Improvement Patent for Sale

The Kwick Marker construction tool patent is for sale or license as follows:

Option #1:

A one time lump-sum of $1.2 million will get the Utility Patent. The patent holder will then assign the patent rights over to the purchasing company or person.

Option #2:

Two payments of $700,000 a year = $1,400,000 ($1.4 million), a 2 year contract. The patent holder will then assign the patent rights over to the purchasing company or person.

Option #3:

Five payments of $450,000 per year = $2,250.000 ($2.5 million), a 5 year contract. The patent holder will then assign the patent rights over to the purchasing company or person.

Message from patent owner: UPDATED

Serious offer's can disregard the above prices.

The 10 N 1 Kwick Marker Tool Patent #7,040,034 is ready for a Quick Sale being that the market is not the best right now, but will soon turn around so be ready when the Market recovers. Own This Patent For Only $350,000: three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Willing to Neg Price!

Reason for the sale: Don't have the money to bring it to market. Further, Partners want to be paid from the Sale asap! The Investors want to be paid asap!

This quick tool is not just a marking tool. It is a universal marking device along with open ended and box ended wrench's to tighten and loosen nu's and bolts etc.

I am willing to sell it for $350,000. one time lump sum, no royalties attached to this product. Patent is good for 16 years.

Quick ROI: Quick return on investment:

The quick marker tool can retail for $24.99 ea. The wholesale price is $12.49 ea. The cost to build the tool is $5.50 ea. Profit could be $6.99 ea. x 50,000 tool's =$349,500. Selling 50,000 quick marker tools to the existing over five million contractors and if you where to just get 10% to buy just (1) ea. tool!

That would be 500,000 per ea. tool x $6.99 ea. Profit = $3,495,000. Not bad for investment of $350,000.

Take the Home Depot: they have over 4,000 stores, so take 4,000 x 1 ea. a month x 12 months = 48,000 piece's x $6.99 ea = $335,520. Great return on investment within one year Make an offer today:

Buy the Kwick Marker construction tool patent:
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