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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, and information related to your privacy.


By using this Website and other properties of Princeton World Wide Web, LLC, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. Princeton World Wide Web, LLC and respect and value your privacy and intellectual property (IP). For additional information or questions about our privacy policy please send e-mail to:

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Your Information:

In the interest of intellectual property preservation and protection, your intellectual property information is always protected.

Intellectual Property Patents (IP Patents):

Details of patented intellectual property are advertised for marketing purposes, bringing interested buyers of patented products and inventions, and sellers of patented products and inventions together. For additional information please visit frequently asked questions or contact us at the e-mail address provided below.

Patented, and Non-patented Intellectual Property, interactive patent marketplace:

Sell Idea requests.

Inventors, patent attorneys, patent agents, business concerns, colleges and schools seeking marketing solutions for the purpose of gaining an investor, a licensor, or buyer for an idea, patentable idea, pending patent applications and other intellectual property on

Published information includes: Background of the invention, seller direct contact information, and State location. Details of the actual invention are never advertised, even when provided.

Buy Idea requests.

Business concerns, colleges, schools, and wealthy individuals seeking to buy patentable ideas, patented products and inventions.

Published information includes: Background of the invention, State location of potential buyer, and details of requested invention as provided by potential buyer. Inventors, patent attorneys, patent agents, business concerns, colleges and schools seeking marketing solutions for the purpose of gaining an investor, a licensor, or buyer for an idea, patentable idea, and/ other non-patented intellectual property on

IP Account Holder Updates, interactive patent marketplace:

IP Account holder cannot be reached for status update for any reason.

Published information includes: last status of account, recommended or next step in the patentability or patent process, State location, and may include Background of the invention.

Published information includes: type of housing sought/vacant, details of type of housing sought/vacant, rent willing to pay/cost, State location, City location, and Town location as provided.


No information provided to Princeton World Wide Web, LLC, or published on is subject to deletion. Non-paid and closed accounts may be deleted at our sole discretion.

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