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Patent Rankings, Intellectual Property Industry Reputation

Patent, and Intellectual Intellectual Property Rankings

In addition to top 5 and top 10 patent rankings earned in the major search engines such as, can boast real life success stories: two licensing deals, and one Patent for Sale deal. Our phenominal success is atributable in part to our visibility in the web community throughout the world. Our unique and insightful content is key to our success.

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The following are our top 5 and top 10 ranking in major search engines world wide:

Our Top 5 rankings: Google

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Our Top 5 rankings: Bing

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Our Top 10 rankings: Google

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Our Top 10 rankings: Bing

....please stay tuned for more additions! Benefit from our overall patent visibility for your invention- submit your patent request today:

Our Add URL reputation

Need partnership opportunities for your Website? Use: add url +"keyword". Search the most popular search engine in the world for a partnership deal that will benefit your Website the most. According to Google(TM), the most beneficial Website to partner with for all the above keywords and search terms is non other than: Why would Google prefer that you link to Algorithms (and other factors taken into consideration) include original content, useful information, and adherance to published Webmaster guidelines.

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Our success, reputation

In addition to the vote of confidence from the search engines, existing and future clients, Princeton World Wide LLC has unparallelled ability to recognize unique patents, products and ideas. Benefit from our patent success stories. When you are serious about selling your patent, buying a patent, licensing a patent, or other intellectual property service, including a patent application, or provisional patent application, contact us.

Not serious about getting results? Then Princeton World Wide Web, LLC is not for you. Our success, and our reputation goes beyond our Website into the real world, the intellectual property, patent, and invention marketing industry. As our slogan goes: "We take your Website and intellectual property to the next level."

Patent for Sale Success Stories:

1. Vest for a Golfer patent- 4 buyers found (3 months)

2. Aereon corporation- buyer found (5 months)

3. Corrugated PET bottle- future buyer potential (7 months)

Patent for License Success Stories:

1. Aereon Corporation- licensing contract with US Navy (5 months)

Shares Interest Forwarding Success Stories:

1. Aereon Corporation- thousands of shares gained from investors. (5 months)

At Princeton World Wide Web, LLC "We take your Website and intellectual property to the next level." Align your patent, invention, or patentable idea, with a patent and intellectual property marketing leader:

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The patenting and invention marketing industry has never been the same: we revolutionized the invention marketing and invention submission industry by offering guidance, support, resources, and assistance to inventors, worldwide.

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Our clients consult with us for real life patent issues, and get assistance, world wide, and so can you. You will find no fluff or deposited content on our Website. Our content is readable not just by the search engines, but by humans as well. Content is well thought out, researched, and mostly based on real life experience with patenting, not theory.

Customer-centric e-commerce patent business

Princeton World Wide Web LLC is the most reputable invention marketing business online, and we are upfront about our fees. Our low investment, high return services speak volumes. Benefit from our patent success stories. Princeton World Wide Web LLC enables a wider possible audience than would otherwise be available to the average inventor or invention-based business. We offer no fluff and have real patent success stories.



The following is a link to additional information on our updated Frequently Asked Questions page. We are glad to assist you to succeed, and look forward to serving you.

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