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Patents to License: AlRon POWER SOURCE (APS)

Name: Alan Martin, President
Phone: 805-286-1250
Country: U.S. Patent Number
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: October 27, 2007.

Our company has come up with a new power source that will revolutionize the way we use power and more importantly the way we pay or don’t pay for our power usage. Our power source we call the AlRon Power Source (APS). We were initially looking to it as a power source for vehicles but soon realized that it could be used for any electrical device. It is: • Totally scalable so it can power everything from a bicycle to a battleship with minimal power input • By utilizing add-ons like inverters, resistors, diodes and special condensers you can create either A/C or DC current • It can be spun up to speed with any mechanism that spins such as an electric (A/C or DC)motor, gas or diesel driven device.

We are looking to License this product in the area that interests you. You may want to power vehicles for example. We would license you to make and sell that size or size range in a certain area. The agreement would also include: • The initial amount is to be paid after you test the product. Payment must be made within thirty days of receipt of the blueprints for the APS. We even have a company that will build it for you. For additional information, please contact the Inventor.


Name: Rose Mancini
Email: Not Provided
Phone: 001-52-333-3366 Ext 3033
Country: U.S. Patent Number 6,656,484
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: October 27, 2007.

A kit assembly and method of performing a cosmetic treatment on a person's nail preferably, but not exclusively, in the style of a the french manicure and/or pedicure. The kit assembly includes a plurality of compositions, preferably in solution form, at least two of which are polishes of different colors and wherein one of the plurality of compositions includes a shaping solution applied to a predetermined portion of the nail in a precise but easily accomplished manner so as to create a demarcation segment between a tip of the nail and a base of the nail.

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Name: BioHoldings International Ltd.
Email: bioholdings@iocoral.coů
Phone: +33147579843
Country: U.S. Patent Number 5,480,827
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: April 28, 2007.

Use of porous polycrystalline aragonite as a support material for In Vitro culture of cells.

A three-dimensional solid support for the in vitro cultivation of cells consists essentially of porous polycrystalline aragonite in the form of a cylinder, sphere or plate. The support may be used to successively grow layers of different cells on the support, and is particularly useful for cultivating endothelial cells, fibroblasts and bone marrow cells.


Name: Michael Edwards
Phone: 386-451-2091
Country: U.S. Patent Number 6,116,676
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: April 28, 2007.

I invented a seat that attaches to the tailgate of a truck adding comfort and style! My seats would be used at Tailgate Parties, hunting, fishing, NASCAR races, the beach and more! At this time I am offering my patent for sale or license! See pictures on my web-site at:

My Tailgate Seat invention is very easy to make. The Tailgate Seats attach to the tailgate of a pick-up truck using straps. While the tailgate is down, the straps are dropped between the truck and the tailgate, and then are pulled around the tailgate and tightened using "D" rings, (Or something comparable)! I can easily imagine these seats sporting logos of NASCAR Drivers, NBA or NFL teams or even College logos from all across the country. Think of all of the soccer parents that would use this product!

Patents to License: QUICK UP®

Name: Bruno Teppe
Phone: 0033611443429
Country: France
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: March 2, 2007

The owner of the new Ring Bottle Opener and trademark "QUICK UP" is selling their international intellectual properties - (international models - patents and trademark): "Ring bottle opener for crown cap". The product has been selling in 20 countries.

Please visit or contact the patent and trademark holder for more information.

Patents to License: PRACTICE DEVICE FOR A BASEBALL PITCHER, Designated-Partner®, and U.S. trademark

Name: Ramendra Majumdar
Phone: (330) 472-2710
Country: United States Patent Number 6,837,809 B2, expires March 9, 2023
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: Feb 26, 2007

The above three items are for sale/ licensing as one package deal. Designated-Partner® is a proven basebaseball enhancing device (please see customer feedback on website). It was introduced to alleviate several problems associated with net type baseball stopper / backstop / pitchback like poor durability, easy tip off, oversize thus encouraging wild pitches / throws etc. Fully assembled, takes negligible storage space placed upright against the wall. Good for batting practice in the absence of a live pitcher. Fun for two or more players, device can substitute as a catcher. The picture of the first generation product can be seen at the website. Patent holder will provide free technical support to manufacture the device.

2nd Generation: Backstop is molded for low cost manufacturing. 3rd Generation: Use of a different resilient pad so that real baseball returns close to pitcher. In our first generation product, only solid rubber baseball returns close to pitcher. 4th Generation: Mold the top coversheet thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cost. 5th Generation: Integrate strike zones in the coversheet during molding to further reduce manufacturing step. Asking price includes 2% of sales as royalty till the expiration of the US Patent i.e. March 9, 2023.


Name: Michael Cerbo
Phone: 201-438-4232
Country: United States Patent Number 6,544,116, Issued April 8, 2003
May accept partnership opportunity?: Yes
If yes, opportunity: licensing
Posted: Feb 19, 2007

Abstract: A ventilation apparatus for selectively moving air of an interior of a motor vehicle. The ventilation apparatus includes a main exhaust system for moving interior air from the interior of the vehicle to an exterior of the vehicle. A first area air handling system for moving air between the interior and the exterior of the vehicle in a first area. A second area air handling system for moving air between the interior and the exterior of the vehicle in a second area.

A first actuator for controlling the rate of airflow through the main exhaust system, the first area air handling system, and the second area air handling system. A second actuator for switching between a plurality of modes of operation. The main exhaust system is preferably mounted adjacent to the ashtray and operates in an exhaust mode only, while the area systems can be switched to operate between the exhaust mode or in an intake mode.

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