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eDiscovery & Compliance Solutions- Forensics, and Litigation

eDiscovery solutions, expertly and timely delivered. Do not expect your IT liaison to understand eDiscovery, much less keyword phrases that will be the most responsive in your client's case. Rely on an intellectual property firm with a sound foundation in Search and electronic discovery. We thoroughly understand the implications of each type of search on the eDiscovery process.

eDiscovery forensics and document retention. Includes enterprise electronic discovery of infringement materials for intellectual property litigation support: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Already have your data? Please click on the link below for the next phase of eDiscovery support solutions.

eDiscovery Forensic Litigation:

eDiscovery and Compliance: Forensics, getting started:

Use of key word protocols is one step in the electronic discovery process. Review of search result reports by opposing Counsel for facial claims of privilege may be necessary for responsiveness and privilege. Such review, or plaintiff Counsel instruction will result in delivery of filtered electronic discovery results data.

Additionally, do not get bogged down by identifying 1 Gigabyte of data as responsive when only 1 Megabyte can be identified as responsive. Do not give the appearance of being unreasonable to opposing Counsel, or to a judge. Save face. Save cost. Save time. Have peace of mind! Deliverables arrive on time, responsive, and accurate.

Use our 7 year Search and OutInternetIP© Forensics eDiscovery and compliance professional service to have the desired effect: project a powerful, professional, experienced image; we can help you to do just that!

Please enquire, ask for a quote, or order on this page.

eDiscovery Forensic Solutions:

eDiscovery Forensics: The proactive approach, getting started:

eDiscovery and forensic evidence for mention of patents on the internet, world-wide, includes USA and Canada- OutInternetIP© Forensics. Know who is using your brand before it confuses the public. Know who is using your intellectual property copyright without approval. Additionally, know about similar potentially infringing intellectual property- patents, trademarks, copyrights. Includes initial optional powerful cease and desist letter. Document, and prepare for potential battle.

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