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Small business owners market your business or use website solutions. Contact us today.


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  • Our strengths:
    • e-discovery and compliance solutions tailored to patent or intellectual property firm's requirements
    • proven Search solutions
    • proven ability to exceed expected results
    Experience counts:
    • 17 years of business to business Search, intellectual property, and inter-personal experience
    • get results with our experience presenting to all levels of an organization
    • be confident in our ability to identify control points, and customer-focused long-term record keeping strategies
    • knowledgeable and experienced staff available for projects
    Great communication skills:
    • our consultants have great command of the English language, both oral and written
    • portfolios include written articles published in fortune 1000 publications
    • benefit from our experience communicating, and handling projects in-house, remotely, with IT, legal, and other departments
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    Got an invention, product, or patentable idea? Princeton World Wide Web, LLC has the marketing expertise to get them to the next level. Whatever the 'next level' is, we have a proven strategy for success. Get results. Period. No excuses. Minimum short-term intellectual property project duration is 4 months.

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