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Golf Ball Return and Golf Practice Device patents for sale

United States and Great Britain issued patents for the Golf Ball Return are for sale.

The golf training device and golf ball return was invented to allow me to practice golf shots by hitting a real golf ball into the lake in front of my home and then get the golf ball back to hit again.

Inventor: Thomas E. Winebrenner

Market-ready working model available?: Yes

Working model pictures available?: Yes

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Purpose of Golf Ball Return patents:

It is important that the practice sessions be done using a real golf ball and see an accurate ball in flight. Using "wiffle" type balls, parachute type, tethered type, and various other type devices such as hitting nets, etc. can actually produce harmful results. A person can practice a swing with these devices that when applied to a real golf shot can have less than desired results. The reason for this is that the person cannot see the full flight of a real golf ball. With the longer golf clubs- the ones for hitting longer shots- the true effects of spin, club loft, air resistance, cannot be seen until the ball generally travels at least 25 to 30 yards. At these distances the forces mentioned above begin to affect ball flight due to deceleration of the golf ball. With an improper swing generating improper impact the results are sometimes truly amazing- generally to the negative.

As I mentioned above I live on the shore of a lake. My front yard is a virtual 230 acre open driving range. After a couple of practice sessions in the front yard two problems became apparent to me:

Problem 1. I was losing money! I hit the balls into the lake and they were gone forever.

Problem 2. I was breaking the law. It is against Federal and State environmental statutes to place a non-biodegradable substance (a golf ball) in any public waterway. The fines for these infractions can be quite severe. All I needed was a way to hit a real golf ball into the lake and then remove the ball from the lake

Parts for production:

Since the golf training device is designed for ease of production using common parts, any reasonably equipped wood, or machine shop could produce the golf training device on a large scale. A medium to larger type company could probably set up the production line in less time. The main thing to remember is that all components can be mass purchased, thereby lowering production costs.

Novel features:

General production of the Golf Ball Return.

The first work on the device was how to attach a real golf ball to a mechanism that would retrieve the ball. This work led in to a study of lines, line attachment, line retrieval and outspooling. Once I had solved most the line issues I concentrated on the device to hold and distribute the line and attendant problems involving launch angles, eyelet placements, etc.

Having progressed that far I had to resolve the best way to drive the entire device. This unit had to have the proper torgue, speed, reliability, and almost no maintenance.

While I concentrated on these issues I also set the parameter that this entire device had to be produced using only parts that are "off the shelf". That meaning is that only parts that are readily available and need minimal adaptation. The result is a machine that any person can go to any hardware store, Radio Shack, bait and tackle shop, and get nearly every part for the golf training device. The secret is just how these parts are assembled.

USA Patent

US patent for sale- Golf Ball Return, and golf training device

Target market:

Target market for the Golf Training Device and Golf Training Tool.

Regarding the market for sales it is apparent that the average golfer is a primary target. However, there are other market segments that can benefit from the golf training device. Some of these I have found while developing the machine. Following are some rather large market segments:
  • 1. Cruise ship lines- environmental laws prohibit hitting golf balls into any territorial waters. With the golf training device this service can be offered again because the ball is removed from the water (retrieved by the golf training device)
  • 2. Handicapped golfers- this group of golfer range from limited mobility, partial paralysis and amputees, to blind persons. The golf training device is suited to these people in that it allows the person to remain stationary and practice hitting a real golf ball. There is no need to try and retrieve the ball because the ball is always brought back to them (by the golf training device)
  • 3. High school golf teams- the device is well suited to these groups because it is hard to find a good practice area for the team. The device comes into play here because it allows the team to use any football, baseball, or soccer field as a practice area. The golfers are able to stay together, judge shots, and not waste time trying to gather golf balls for the next session. Picking up golf balls essentially becomes obsolete
These are only three segments of the target market but there are many people in each segment that want to practice golf strokes.

Golf Ball Return drawings:

Patent for sale- Golf Ball Return, and golf training device

Advantages of the golf training device:

As the device is shown there are several advantages of this machine over the first machines as shown on the videotape.
  • appearance- it is pleasing to the eye. By using plastic to make the casing it is possible to finish the unit (golf training device) to fit the tastes of different parts of the country. If a device looks good to a golfer the golfer will probably buy the product on looks alone the device is totally enclosed
  • when closed for storage or transfer there is no possibility that the unit can be accidentally activated when opened for use the instructions are always visible the layout of the unit assures that it must be operated properly
  • among safety considerations there is automatic ball stop when retrieval is complete
  • there is an audible voice warning system retrieval in such a position that it cannot be re-hit unless the unit is operated properly
  • if a shot is badly hit the ball can be stopped at a point of the flight. All the person has to do is tap the retrieve button and the ball stops immediately and begins the return to the machine
  • lines: it is possible to equip the unit with lines for the pure beginner to the experienced scratch golfer the beginner is just trying to hit the ball in the hope it goes somewhere near the target area. This line allows the ball to even be pulled out of trees and thick brush (the machine will pull 4.5lbs. of aquatic weeds in)
  • the experienced golfer may want to practice hooks and fades. This line allows for the free flight of the ball with accurate flight pattern
  • the machine (golf practice device) is fitted to the golfer- right or left handed
  • all lines used in the machine have been tested for electric transmission back to the machine or the user attachment of the ball to the line- the attachment uses a common swivel unit to achieve ball side spin
  • the amount of material drilled out for the attachment is the same weight as the swivel, thereby saving ball balance
  • due to the compressive forces acting on the ball at impact the ball actually "grabs" the attachment as it is struck
  • in effect the harder the ball is hit the tighter the attachment holds on. The only thing that must not be done is to hit the ball directly on the attachment this is covered in the instructions and with markings on the golf ball

Evolution of the golf ball training device:

After receiving the U.S. and United Kingdom patents I took the device to my attorney and demonstrated it with the thought of maker and user liability and insurance issues in mind. This action cost me another three years of work to bring about a machine that stayed within the patent and yet satisfied the lawyers that it was practical to make, sell, and use. The result is a safer, more user-friendly, and visually pleasing machine. There are no special insurance applications that apply to this machine in manufacturer, sales, or use.

US patent for sale- Golf Ball Return, and golf training device

Notes on building the golf training device:

As noted in the development of the device I wanted all parts possible to be readily available and not require any special modifications. In the patent searched I noted that all the previous attempts to strike and retrieve a golf ball involved machining of parts and in most cases multiple machining steps producing precision parts. This produces a very precise machine that is rather delicate and rather costly. Also, of all the prior attempts none truly worked as planned.

This device uses already existing parts that are tested and proven. The reel that outlays and retrieves the line is a proven design that will last trouble-free for years. The drive motor is a standard battery powered screwdriver. A tested and proven device that will also give years of trouble free service. All wiring and switching are standard industry units available at Radio Shack or even industrial supply houses. The housing of the shown device is made of wood simply because I had it available and it works. The production device housing can be cheaply produced from standard sheet plastic using standard plastic welding machines. Again, cheap, commonly available, and produces a product that is very strong and reliable.

As noted in the video (coming soon) I designed the unit with assembly line production techniques in mind. The unit is basically a rectangle- all flat cuts- all straight cuts- that can be done with any table, radial arm, or even scroller saw. The curved top is actually built of thin strips laid over a form with a fiberglass backing applied. The jig for this shape is made of scrap wood.

The assembly begins with the setting of the reel/eyelet arm- the interior wiring is installed with switches- the top is assembled- the release arm is installed- the top is installed- front doors installed- back panel attached- the top lid is attached and the unit is done.

Costing the golf training device:

I wanted to produce a unit that the ordinary golfer could afford that is in the $100 range. This unit, using one time purchase prices for each piece, has approximately $135.00 in parts. Since all components can be purchased in bulk the price per unit is cut drastically. Labor costs are too variable in different sections of the country to factor in at this stage. I have been able to calculate that with the exception of China, the cost of all parts for the device can be brought to the $60.00 to $65.00 per unit range.

With larger volume continuous purchasing, this price can be further lowered. I have found that a good general selling price in the Midwest is in the $150 to $175.00 per unit range. I believe that it would be best to get the price higher to provide more incentive to the distributor to really vend the product. Therefore, it seems that a good overall view of the device would be as follows: Production costs $60.00 to $65.00 per unit with selling price of $150 to $175.00 per unit.

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