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FAQ, Frequently Asked Patent, Intellectual Property, and Website Solutions Questions

Your Important Questions Answered:

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  • I have a patentable idea for sale. Will I lose my patent rights with a publication for sale of my invention?:
  • Let's get the facts straight once and for all: there is a thriving market for patentable ideas. We accept patentable ideas for publication that are pending the issue of a patent at the USPTO, or ideas and inventions that are "patent pending". Even if no patent is ever issued, your application is considered prior art over any future filings similar to your invention. All other patentable ideas for sale in the Sell Idea sections do not disclose the nature of the actual invention or component of the invention being claimed as patentable.

    Therefore, not only can you can get patent rights, you can maintain your patent rights. Source: seasoned Patent Attorney.
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  • I want to present my patent for license/ my invention myself. How can I do it?:
  • Contact prototype makers and manufactuers, write a convincing letter focusing on what your patent is about, but not how you invented it. Make a notation of each one you contact, what date you contacted them, how contacted, and what they said, or what the outcome was. Or, use a complete guide and information kit. Get it here:! license your invention.
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  • Without a patent on my idea or product can someone steal the idea and drawings?:

  • Pending patent applications (patent pending status): After day number 2 of mailing in your patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), there is no need for concern. Safely submit your Advantages and drawings to us- as many as you want, and get started marketing your patent pending invention.

    Sitting on a gold mine? Tap into the wealth that is your intellectual property and become a patent success story. For additional information please visit: sell new idea.

    Seeking a patent application: New patentable ideas, and patentable invention submissions. Inventor's invention is never advertised online. Request intellectual property service:

    Not seeking a patent application: New patentable ideas, patentable inventions or products for sale, no patent application sought. Please submit brief description and area of invention. No drawings necessary. Interested buyers contact you.

    These patentable ideas, inventions or products are usually submitted by an Inventor, patent attorney, patent agent, or a business concern for marketing or sale. The intent is usually to attract an investor and file a patent application within 12 months of marketing or a publication date, or offer it up for sale altogether to another company or wealthy individual that has the resources or time to further develop or put the invention to practice. For additional information please visit: buy new idea
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  • What payment types do you accept/ What is your mailing address?:

  • Order online.


    We accept major credit cards, checks, and debit cards right from our Website and through Paypal. We also accept money order or certified check by mail- see FAQ question on this page for the address.

    For Express Ad™ - 24 hours or less processing- please order by credit card preferrably using Paypal. Orders are processed as soon as payment notification is received.

    Mail Check or Money order payments to:
    Princeton World Wide Web, LLC
    P.O. Box 2356
    Princeton NJ 08543
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  • Does this Website have a search engine?:

  • Yes, is equipped with a search engine. For your convenience, a "Search" link is available at the top of every page of this Website. Find information quickly by entering a search term or keyword into the search box, click on the "Go" button, or hit Enter, and select from the list of search results.
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  • Do you have other search methods to navigate

  • Yes. Search using the Site Index, which is an alphabetical listing of the entire contents of this Website. Additionally, use the Directory by clicking on it- located in the alphabetical Site Index, and look under Customer Service. This section offers answers to frequently asked questions. For your convenience, the Site Index is available from all pages of
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  • What is the difference between a Buy Idea and Sell Idea ad?

  • When a Buy Idea ad is submitted for marketing by a potential buyer of an invention idea, the buyer is interested in a new invention idea that is a. not yet researched/proven to be patentable. Basically, buyers of new invention ideas are "mining for gold". Or b. seeking a patentable new invention idea. When a Buy Idea ad is submitted for marketing by an Inventor, the invention idea is usually not yet in the patentable stage. Listing is free to both Inventors as well as buyers of new invention ideas. Please see buy new idea for additional information.

    A Sell Idea ad is usually placed by an Inventor, patent attorney, patent agent, or business concern with a pending patent application. Usually a patentable idea in various stages of the patent(ability) process, closer to filing a patent application within 12 months of invention submission or publication. Please see sell new idea for additional information.
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  • What is the cost of a Website?:

  • Please visit their respective pages: Sorry, Optimized Website(tm) is on hiatus. Please see new Profile Page(sm) solutions:

    You are here:
    LEVEL 1 SERVICE: Business profile page, Home page spotlight link, or ad >> Level 2 service: Organic SEO, and/ or Google(tm) Adwords >> Level 3 service: Inbound links >> sell a patent >> LEVEL 4: SET UP FEE -ask us how to waive set up >>

    Monthly maintenance plan option- we handle all marketing, ensure your products receive maximum exposure, maximum amount of sales possible. Website updates performed as often as needed to maintain competitive rankings (unlimited, with flexible time schedules).


    market your invention Website, recommended for the basic needs of an Inventor's products. Available at both one-time payment option, or we maintain the Website for you on a bi-weekly basis. Each Website is equipped with maximum strategies to perform well in driving qualified traffic to your site. Optimized Website(tm)s are available as non e-commerce, and e-commerce. The e-commerce option offers free traffic statistics, for example, to help identify popular pages, so more effective marketing campaigns can be created. Allow customers to pay online. non- e-commerce optimized, Web Extension(tm) Websites, or optimized Partnership pages on
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  • Do you offer financing?:

  • Yes. We are in growth mode, and offer financing of your Patent Ad™. Patent for Sale, Patent for Licensing ads, and patent specification writing for new inventions and products qualify. There are no setup fees. Contact us if you have additional questions:
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