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E-discovery & Compliance Solutions, White Paper- Preliminary Ediscovery Solutions

Ediscovery White Paper:

eDiscovery & Compliance Solutions

The legal industry uses OutInternetIP Ediscovery, and OutInternetIP Forensics Suite

Law firms responsible for gathering and filtering electronic data to present to court have a huge problem on their hands, especially if the electronic data in question resides on the world wide web. This electronic data usually resides on several different websites, and most often, ownership spans inter-state boundaries, or is subject to international laws. Digital data on the world wide web is easily copied, transmitted, and modified, often without our knowledge. Some intellectual property has international ownership.

Additionally, electronic data comprises documents and especially images in various file formats including .tiff, jpeg, gif, and other derivatives. For images, ALT tags are used. ALT tags are brief descriptions of images. These ALT tags are visibly displayed on any page that for some reason cannot load properly. Conversely, ALT tags and descriptions are properly rendered on a page by hovering over an image with a mouse.

Law firms are also swamped with endless emails, forcing them to rely on digital data for both researching and communication. This method of storing and researching data has spawned a need to both find and more effectively store data- hence the advent of ediscovery.

Not understanding electronic data residing on the internet can cost your client the most in penalties and lost verdicts. Litigation of electronic data that resides on the world wide web is very time consuming. Does your client have data that resides on the internet? Do you know how to find it? All of them?

Preliminary Ediscovery Steps

  • know how to pull information- indexed or un-indexed, from databases
  • understand the inner workings of the organization
  • know how data is distributed
  • know the sources of responsive data
When the data is distributed over the www from Google, for instance, in effect it places the whole World Wide Web at your service.

What can we do for you today?

About Princeton World Wide Web, LLC:
Princeton World Wide Web, LLC provides unsurpassed innovative approaches to electronic discovery and intellectual property solutions. Serving patent attorney firms, their clients, world-wide, Princeton World Wide Web offers 24/7 eDiscovery support to attorney firms.

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VP - Internet, eDiscovery & Compliance Solutions, Global Marketing Division
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Ste 501-209
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

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