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Clevware MetaPowerset(R) Trademark for Sale

Registered Trademark for Sale, Intellectual Property Description:
Registered Trademark: Clevware MetaPowerset®
Class: 42
Word Mark Reg. Number: 3,572,261
Selling Price: $25,000.00 OBO
In use: No/Yes DNA of XML Documents
Protection: United States
Registered Trademark Holder: Client/ Clevware Inc.
Phone: 248-797-3110

Peter Chang
2310 Camel Drive
Sterling Heights MI 48310

About Us


The term of metapowerset is evolved from the mathematical concept of power set. In power set, the elements are subsets of elements of the original set. In metapowerset, the elements of the original set are further divided into two kinds: meta elements and content elements. The motivation of this division is originated from XML (Extensible Markup Language), a derivative of markup languages. A markup language document contains meta elements that describe the document structures and content elements that describe the content of the document. XML is now considered to be the de factor standard for e-business integration.

Based on the concept of metapowerset, all XML documents can be represented as collections of document blocks. Out of these representations, hidden patterns may be discovered. Patterns may be referred as problem solving models or methods.

Thousands to perhaps millions of XML documents are either created or being created nowadays. Patterns for XML documents could be obscured by voluminous tag names and tag delimiters. There could be many instances of duplicated usages of solutions that could be avoided if proper pattern solutions are used. In order to identify XML documents, their conversions to the form of elements of metapowerset do not need to be complete. Experts in the fields may identify many patterns quickly just through their experiences. But it is not uncommon that for some highly complex problems two experts may disagree on their findings. The method presented here could serve as a tool that assists in easing the tasks of finding the hidden patterns. Webster dictionary defines DNA as “the molecular basis of heredity”. We could term metapowerset as “a structural basis of markup languages documents”.

Another application for XML observed with this technology is that it can be used to represent object-oriented models, which are used for the modeling of software applications and software systems. Therefore hidden patterns for object-oriented models may also be discovered through the representations of elements of metapowerset.

A more detailed description can be found on the following Web address:

The associated domain names:,,, are also available. Please contact Peter Chang ( to own trademark rights to Clevware MetaPowerset® and/or the associated domain names.

Clevware MetaPowerset(R)

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