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Newly issued patent for sale welcome:

Have you had a patent for over a week? 2 years? Maybe more? We list patents for sale and licensing, providing information on how to sell patents, and license patents. Sell patents: music to a buyer of inventions, or an Inventor's ears! Take advantage of our patents for sale solutions. Patents are complex in nature. To sell patent rights, or to have a company buy patent rights, whether it be a utility patent or design Patent, both share solid foundations in the simplicity of marketing- a common denominator. Buy, or sell a patent through our simplified patent solutions.

No need for further procrastination. Get help today. Request Option D solution or Patent Press Release Bundle™ Patent for Sale or License: order

Buy patent, patent for sale, and links to more patents. Several solutions offered including: Patent for Sale, Patent to License, and Patent for Sale or License. Sell patent, buy patent, sell invention, buy invention, or submit idea for processing your provisional patent application, and more.

Sell Patents, and Patents to License Options:


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1. List your product name on, listing all possible advantages of your Patent for Sale, or Patent for License ad.

2. Host 2 specially dedicated pages for your products' existing content, including pictures, etc. Eg. a patent for sale or license will be placed on the 'Patent for Sale or License' page, as well as on the 'Patent for License page. A patent strictly for sale will appear on the 'Patent for Sale' page.

3. Search engine optimization of any two pages on to get a page one listing, including possible number 1, and a number 2 listings for keyword phrases related to your product on the number one search engine, as well as other major search engines such as Bing.

4. An e-mail link that prospective buyers/licensors use to enquire about your patent for sale or license. Forward enquiry details an preferred e-mail account.


1. List product name on, listing all possible advantages.

2. Host 2 specially dedicated pages for your products' existing content, including pictures, etc. Eg. a patent for sale or license will be placed on the 'Patent for Sale or License' page, as well as on the 'Patent for Sale' page. A patent strictly for sale will appear on the 'Patent for Sale', pages.

3. Search engine optimization of your two pages on to get page one rankings for various keyword phrases, and search terms related to your product on the number one search portal, as well as other major portals such as Google and Bing.

4. List "Patent Available For Sale or License" including your product pages, on relevant sections of portal sites such as, and other advertising partnership portals.

5. An order form or e-mail link that prospective buyers/licensors can use to enquire about your product. We forward enquiry details to you.


1. All of Option B: B1, B2, B3, B4, Plus:

2. Sell directly to consumers: instead of a request order form as in Option B5, customers can immediately pay for their items using a credit card. Just provide product image(s), and we will add the description(s).

3. Host an additional page of your product on an existing product Website.

4. Shipping options to offer to your customers: to be determined by you. You may ship item yourself, or deposit incremental quantities of product to us to ship on your behalf. Our shipping options available: UPS Ground Residential, UPS Ground business, FedEx, USPS (postal service) - Express Mail, Priority Mail, etc.. We recommend offering trackable packages online.

Product Packaging

Supply order labels, etc., or we may simply use a plain order label with your company name written on it. Please note: faster shipping options give your product an edge over your competition, especially within the U.S. market.

Start planning for holiday shopping early. Instant gratification of receiving a gift/order will go a long way to keep your brand in the minds of busy shoppers if you start early.

Consequently, advantages of placing a patent for sale on is three-fold:
  • a. Location, location, location!: advertising your products and services where customers usually shop
  • b. Gain a piece of the market share that would otherwise have gone to products far less superior than your product
  • c. Provide a great service to potential buyers
5. U.S. merchant processing accounts are fulfilled approximately within 5 to 7 business days. You may need to indicate a U.S. bank account you would like funds transferred to. If you are outside the U.S., and would prefer funds transferred overseas, additonal cost may incur.


Select option D, a great value marketing strategy. Choose this option if seeking licensing for your product or invention idea, or want patent for sale or license assistance. We present your product or invention to industry, or you can do it yourself with our Licensing List of Manufacturers book or ebook. Available separately.

Also, if you would like to mix and match any of the above options, you can! Order any option you want.

Most importantly, by ordering Option D, you tell us you want to aggressively market your product invention. Please review Options A through D for the option that best suits your need.

Rates/Pricing: Options A through C are affordable, and we serve as your marketing staff for all options.


Prefer tv advertising as well? one time payment of $7,200 sent in two equal installments of $3,600 each, second installment due after 30 days, or paid in full. Other advantages: products get sold on our invention product website, most fees paid. This makes Option D affordable to any offline and online marketing budget.

Exclusive offer: Each marketed invention under this option is exclusive, offered on a first come, first served basis only. Once an Option is selected, work begins. Select any Option that suites your current and future goal, and good luck!

Qualify a patent for drop shipment

Longterm one time payment patent for sale account holders qualify for drop shipment services as listed in Option C. How to sign up for a longterm one time payment account? After order patent for sale solutions, make a one time payment of $300 for accounts worth less than $250,000, or make payment of $600 for accounts worth more than $250,000 (change quantity field to 2). Either way, web page content is focused on only one patent: the client's.

Once a product gains in popularity through advertising, it is not uncommon to have inventors of similar products and inventions seek our assistance to market their own products. We welcome all requests.

*UPS charges additional fees for packaging materials. This means that UPS customers pay a higher shipping fee: packaging plus the UPS shipping rate table.

A message to the inventive community: list a new patent for sale or license, existing patent, new idea, or intellectual property for sale or license. Turn your dreams into reality by promoting patents for sale and inventions for sale with Princeton World Wide Web, LLC. We can help you to make this happen. We offer invention marketing and invention submission solutions unlike any other business or website. Most fees come from the hard work of finding appropriate mediums of selling and licensing patents and intellectual property: when clients' patents sell or get licensed.

Sellers and buyers of patents, intellectual property, and ideas can post their patents for sale through paid or free solutions offered by Princeton World Wide Web, LLC. The right buyer is waiting for your invention, patent, or intellectual property. Promote a valuable asset and make more money from an invention than it cost to patent. Help us to make it happen- order a solution today using available links on this page. Inventors are the crème de la crème of society and we treat you as such. You remember this.

For sale solutions offered to sellers of patents and innovative inventions! Take advantage of this patent and intellectual property marketplace and support We appreciate your business with patents for sale, inventions, trademarks, tradenames and intellectual property. Buy and sell on today and join the Inventor revolution™!

We are the best at what we do, and we are a real business online and offline. There is no expiration until sold or licensed. Real marketing.

When ordering service with links below select an option. Options are billed at a later date.

Join the Inventor revo(lution)!


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