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Bio Slim Disk patent for sale

Patented Bio Slim Disk product provides many utility benefits all in one. The Bio Slim Disk patent is for sale.

Bio Slim Disk Security Patent For Sale:

Bio Slim Disk U.K Utility Patent Number: GB2387933B

A biometrics parameters protected on June 17 2002. Patent awarded August 3 2005.

Computer serial bus interface portable data storage device and method of proprietry biometrics.

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Biometric Security USB:

Those that are looking for the latest in portable encryption are urged to check out the Ritech iDEA, driven by a built-in fingerprint processing technology that has bought a new level of security and mobility to the data storage environment.

The ultimate in mobile data security is guaranteed as a result of the fingerprint authentication that is provided, so that users are able to carry with them highly sensitive and confidential information wherever they go, safe in the knowledge that if the device is lost or stolen data security breaches will not be possible.

With its simple design coupled with the fact you are not required to remember a host of different passwords, the idea represents the ultimate in portable physical security devices. The patent to our BioSlimDisk was awarded under the Intellectual law of the UK and Netherlands but we have numerous other patents in regions all over the world, from the USA to China.

Our commitment to creating small portable devices with high levels of cryptography means that business people the world over will benefit from our developments. Now the most secret of documents can be viewed on a computer, even those that have had a recent coldboot.

The Ultimate Protection

Consumers have seen a glut of devices to help secure their vehicles in recent times, with car manufacturers placing a lot of emphasis on device control and having vehicle security firmly in the hands of the driver. Our Biometrics Immobilizer is a device that is designed to prevent theft or vandalism, and with its state-of-the-art hardware encryption technology you will have peace of mind whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.

The fingerprint verification system is what controls the main Immobilizer Control Unit as it is filled with the driverís personal biometric identity. This means that a vehicle can only be started once the driver places his fingerprint on the device as this is the only way to turn off the immobilizer.

If you coldboot a computer it is possible to use any of our mobile devices but only once they have been verified by means of a fingerprint. For some protecting their information is as important as protecting their vehicles, which is why our biometric security USB range has been so popular. We are confident that our unique immobilizer will have the same impact as our mobile devices both of which utilise fingerprint embedded storage hardware.

More Bio Slim Disk security USB details available from the inventor.

Contact: Noel Heng, Ritech International Ltd
Phone: +607335925

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