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Selling an intellectual property name related to an invention or business? Selling your trademark? Ugrade to our featured Trademark for Sale service.
Ads are on their own web pages, aggressively marketed for higher visibility. Be at the right place at the right time when your trademark is wanted. Where will yours be without our service? You should sign up for our service!

1. Sample trademark for sale.

2. Sample trademark for sale.

3. Sample trademark for sale

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Intellectual Property for Sale, Trademark for Sale, Sell Trademarks

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Ordering Steps:

1. Select 'yes' if any are trademarked in the US, otherwise click 'no'. International trademark? Click 'yes' .

2. Select $value of trademark if selling for over or under $250K. If you wish you may select 'best offer'.

3. Type in quantity of trademarks, e.g. 9.

4. Click on the 'order' button to open up the shopping cart, then enter 'shipping' information, e-mail ('No shipping required' is the default), and any special instructions in the "Comments" section. Add details of any additional trademarks in this section.

5. Click on the blue 'continue' button on the right and enter payment type, and other billing information for the card.

Trademark for sale orders typically go live on within 2 hours, same day.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Thank you for your order.

Each add on service is available at $199. Scenarios:

1. Add both two add ons- simply add quantity 2 to order or enter 3: trademark for sale plus About us section, plus a Logo.

2. Ordering service for 4 trademarks plus two options: enter 6 in the quantity field. In the Comments section of the shopping cart enter or paste the 'About Us' information plus the URL of any logo. Or, you may send the logo to

Already ordered trademark service and want to add two options? Simply enter quantity: 2 in the shopping cart, then enter or paste 'About Us', etc. and follow remaining instructions above.

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