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Princeton World Wide Web LLC, Patent, Intellectual Property, and Patent Website Solutions

Our Mission, dedication, and slogan:

1. To provide e-discovery and compliance solutions for proactive, as well as litigation purposes according to FRCP.

2. To increase the number and percentage of businesses and inventors that earn more money from their invention than what it cost to patent or market it.

Princeton World Wide Web, LLC: "We take your website and intellectual property to the next level".

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10 Schalks Crossing Rd.
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Our talented team has over 60 years combined successful business experience in patent application specification writing, Sell Patent, Buy Patent, Patent for Sale, Patent for Sale or License, Patent Press Release™, Patent Press Release™ Bundle and marketing services.

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Our talented team of consultants are experienced gurus, always challenged to maintain and upgrade their skills to keep ahead of constantly changing industry standards. Our offices are located at 4 Hummingbird Court, Plainsboro NJ. Contact us.


Are you a Patent Attorney office, law firm, Inventor, or business? Are you located in the U.S. or abroad?
  • partner with us for all your intellectual property, eDiscovery and compliance needs
  • eDiscovery patent and IP forensic solutions to safeguard your clients patents and intellectual property, and on the internet, are only a click or call away
  • 24/7 eDiscovery support, world-wide
  • partner with us to sell or license your clients patents
  • the time is now
  • current or former clients have the right company to market their product/ invention for sale and license
  • we provide a quicker turnaround from patent to profit
  • call us with your proposal today: 609-897-9567
We are also your U.S. Agent/ Partner for foreign or international business.

Princeton World Wide Web, LLC. also serves as Agency partner for legitimate international businesses outside the US, that may also have US customers. We recognize the potential benefits to you that would otherwise be lost with huge costs of opening your own U.S. office or presence. Use our location and experience to acquire or obtain a U.S. presence.
  • establish a U.S. presence, or
  • obtain a U.S. Agent for your business,
  • or simply, have your U.S. customers make payments through our payment gateway to be forwarded to your account minus our fee of 15%
  • escrow accounts available upon request

So- what are you waiting for? Sign up with our company.

In addition to specification writing for consumer goods inventions, we also support patent specification writing for engineering/technical products and inventions. Additional and some non-patent related services include venture capital funding, database administration, software testing, networking for software and hardware needs, Website design, executive summary, business plan writing, technical subject matter tutoring, and SOX documentation.

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To Inventors and invention-based businesses: join the Inventor revolution(SM)!

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